What To Expect

Many patients have anxiety or apprehension when it comes to visiting the dentist. It is our job to make you feel comfortable and respected. Dr. Wynnykiw understands that people have varying thresholds for pain, numbness, and discomfort and he is receptive to any concerns you may have.

At this office, you are not a "subject" in a chair; you are a person with a past and a future, and we're here to help you make your future heathier and happier.

  • Welcoming Environment
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Friendly Team
  • Open Dialog

A Welcoming Environment

Many people feel anxiety when visiting the dentist. That's why Dr. Wynnykiw has worked hard to create an environment that is warm and comfortable - as close to "home" as possible.

If there is anything you need while in our office, just ask!

A Friendly Team

Patients are unique - each coming with a history and story - and we strive to develop relationships with each one. Expect a smile and don't hesitate to talk about more than your teeth!

A Comprehensive Exam

Every new patient receives a comprehensive oral exam - no exceptions. That's because Dr. Wynnykiw is committed to thorough and comprehensive treatment of every patient - period. This "complete picture" of your oral health sets the stage for a successful long-term relationship, superior and accurate treatment, and very satisfied patients.

Open Dialog

Dr. Wynnykiw specializes in advanced treatment planning, and that involves conversation with the patient. That's because he must understand the patient's personal values and intended outcomes in order to develop comprehensive and superior results.

Whether you desire whiter teeth, need a single tooth corrected to look, feel, and function like your other teeth, or wish to design a complete smile makeover, open dialog is essential.