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Your First Visit


Your First Visit

Many patients have anxiety or apprehension when it comes to visiting the dentist. It is our job to make you feel comfortable and respected. Dr. Wynnykiw understands that people have varying thresholds for pain, numbness, and discomfort and he is receptive to any concerns you may have. At this office, you are not a "subject" in a chair; you are a person with a past and a future, and we're here to help you make your future heathier and happier.



What to Expect


Patients are greeted with a smile and a comfortable place to sit while the dentist, hygienist, or assistant prepares for your visit. Rest assured, we will not make you wait too long.



If you're coming for the first time or receiving treatment from the doctor, you will be shown to one of two treatment rooms.


For complex treatment planning, the doctor may have a conversation with you in the consultation room. No fear there - just a couch and a TV.



Along the way to your treatment room, you may be asked to take a stop at the digital panoramic imaging room. No heavy lifting here; just stand around briefly, and you're done!



If you're here for a routine cleaning, you will be shown to the hygiene room.



During treatment, our clinicians have been known to make small talk. They truly do strive to get to know you as a whole person. Don't fret - if you're uncomfortable or simply wish to think about other things, just let us know! If you need anything, such as a break, trip to the restroom, or sip of water, we completely understand. Our appointment blocks are not scheduled as tight as you might have encountered in other dental or medical facilities and the doctor's time is not more important than your needs, as a patient.


After your treatment has been completed, you'll be shown to the front, were you can settle your account, schedule future appointments,  grab your coat, and carry on as you wish!



See that? Nothing to be afraid of. We look forward to getting to know you!