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Commitment to Serving the Patient First

A Little Background (that we feel our patients should know):


Have you ever noticed that your insurance reimbursement rate is much lower than the fees charged for services? Contrary to popular belief, that is not because of a doctor wanting to make excessive profits. It is because insurance formularies are largely based on 1960s rates for dental services and have not kept up with inflation or progress in dental care and technique.  In 1967, dental insurance carriers provided a $1,000 annual maximum and the fee for a crown in Beverly Hills was about $100.


Today, insurance annual maximums are about the same and a crown costs over $1,000.  Thus, when a practitioner accepts insurance as full payment for a service, it is practically impossible to provide exceptional, quality care.  The overhead of any practice runs at several hundred dollars per hour in addition to the cost of materials when providing dental treatment.  When a doctor chooses to utilize specialized equipment in order to provide advanced and more comfortable services to patients, it is simply impossible to provide services at the percentages that insurance carriers are willing to pay.



Our practice does not compromise on the quality of care provided and thus will never compromise with an insurance carrier or bargain for your care.



Insurance companies should not make your dental or medical treatment decisions because they have not provided you with a comprehensive, full mouth exam before extending coverage to you. They have not taken the time to know you or understand your unique needs as a living, breathing patient.


Policies are written in cookie cutter fashion and are often meant to provide only for simple, broad coverage. They are full of stipulations and barriers to the policy holder pursuing excellent care.  We believe that insurance is a tool; in essence, just another form of payment.  Look at insurance as a nice portion of funds specifically designated to help, but not fully, pay for your care.  It works as a supplement that gives a little boost in helping you cover the costs of excellent dental care.


Our office will work with you in maximizing your insurance benefits but will never provide care based on what your carrier is willing to cover.  No services are provided in this office under any assumption that an insurance carrier will provide payment.  At the same time, Dr. Wynnykiw takes pride in his openness with patients. That is, he will explain your condition and the best treatment options for you, not the treatment "option" suggested by your insurance provider. We help you by handling all claim forms and processing your insurance claims using instantaneous electronic submission.  This helps you receive reimbursement as quickly as possible after paying the practice for treatment rendered.