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Commitment to Progress & Technology


Dr. Wynnykiw is a progressive general and cosmetic dentist whose passion for superior results demands cutting-edge education, techniques, equipment, and materials.


Dentistry has changed significantly over the past several decades.  In fact, in the last five to ten years alone, dentistry has evolved tremendously into a dynamic and exciting profession employing amazing technologies and techniques to provide the very best in patient care.  Gone are the days of relying on film x-ray, old-fashioned gooey impressions, paper charts, and so many other symbols of dentistry's past.



Cerec has proven to be a major breakthrough in how we care for our patients.


Dr. Wynnykiw has been using CEREC technology for over five years. It offers one-visit, computer-aided imaging and design of dental restorations.  Gone are the days of messy impressions and wearing temporaries while you wait weeks for your crown restoration to return from a dental laboratory.  Instead, this practice is able to take a digital impression of your tooth using a highly specialized camera and manipulate these 3D images using sophisticated software to design the perfect all-porcelain crown restoration just for you.  Our in-office milling chamber mills your new restoration from a solid block of porcelain using highly precise robotics - all while you take a small break from the chair.  Dr. Wynnykiw uses stains and glazes to precisely match the appearance of the new crown to your existing, surrounding teeth.  Once kiln-fired and cooled, the restoration is seated in your mouth using a unique process that molecularly adheres to your tooth structure, creating a long-lasting bond. All of this happens in one visit with less of your time taken off from work or other activities.



CEREC not only makes things easier for you, it also provides a better, more precise result.  CEREC restorations are all-porcelain meaning they have no unsightly and potentially allergenic metal substructure and they are extremely strong due to their special makeup and firing process.  We believe that CEREC provides results equivalent to or better than a laboratory made restoration. We are all truly proud and excited to be able to offer this incredible service to you.



We believe that it is core to our mission to provide our patients with the very best. It is what you deserve.


Dr. Wynnykiw and our hygienists also utilize an intraoral camera that allows them to see amazing details about your teeth and gums.  We are now able to detect some of the smallest fractures and previously unseen conditions which allows us to treat conditions before they worsen.  This often helps in saving you from unwanted pain and additional expense.  It is best to find a tooth with a crack early on, before the crack grows deeper and threatens the vitality of the tooth.  Catching these issues early on allows a tooth to be restored with a crown, for example, rather than being faced with extraction and implant treatment.


Our practice has consistently embraced new technologies as part of a broad commitment to progress.  


Dr. Wynnykiw has employed digital radiography in our practice since 2002.  This has allowed our clinicians to obtain precise and beautiful images of your teeth and surrounding structures to aid in accurate and thorough diagnosis.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of digital x-ray is that it exposes you, the patient, to a significantly lower dose of radiation than old-fashioned film radiography.  In fact, our newest piece of radiography equipment, the Planmeca ProMax panoramic allows us to take only a small, sectioned image of your teeth and jaws rather than exposing the entire skull.  That factor alone makes digital x-ray an innovation worth embracing.